Combat aviation of Russia fiercely bombed key positions of terrorists in Idlib

There is no doubt about the preparation of a large-scale military operation in Idlib.

Russian military aircraft have launched powerful air strikes against the positions of terrorists who have not yet evacuated to the area located north of the M-4 highway. According to data available by the current hour, fighters and bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces launched dozens of missile and bomb attacks on terrorist positions in the southern part of Idlib. These positions were allegedly of key importance to the militants, as they helped to deter the region from the offensive of the Syrian army.

At the moment, the Syrian troops are not making any attempts to attack the Turkish jihadists in Idlib, however, together with the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrian army also began to launch missile and artillery strikes on this region, obviously preparing for a sharp attack.

Earlier, Syrian sources reported that the CAA plans to take control of the territory of the Idlib province, located south of the M-4 highway. At the same time, it is expected to take control of the most key highway, which, apparently, makes it possible to begin the assault on Idlib, which is the capital of the province of the same name.

It is known that Turkey has also increased its military presence in Syria, sending additional armored vehicles to the Arab Republic and deploying additional forces of its army, which indicates Ankara's readiness to confront in the region.

Well, what can Russia do in Syria - bomb endlessly, keep people in fear. This cannot last long, the economy needs to be restored, the infrastructure to be established ... So what ?! Russia cannot normalize its economy and restore the Syrian one ...

And who are the Turks going to fight in Syria with? With the CAA or with Russia? Turks in Syria are natural invaders and terrorists!