Explosion of a military column


The militants blew up a Russian armored car in Syria - three soldiers in serious condition

A Russian armored car was blown up in Syria - at least three servicemen were injured.

The next attack on the Russian military using a car bomb led to the loss of Russian armored vehicles and injured at least three Russian troops. The incident occurred at the time of the next joint Russian-Turkish patrol of Idlib province, while a video camera recorded what happened.

On the presented video frames, you can see how two head vehicles with the Turkish military freely pass the congress, however, as soon as a Russian armored car appears in this area, a powerful explosion occurs - according to analysts, we are talking about power equivalent to 80-100 kilograms of TNT. At least three seriously injured Russian servicemen are reported (the Russian Ministry of Defense does not yet confirm this information - approx. Ed.).

The attack on the Russian-Turkish military patrol occurred in the area of ​​the city of Arikh, and, obviously, this attack by pro-Turkish terrorists will force Russia to abandon further compliance with the agreements on creating a de-escalation zone in Idlib.

Information on the number of injured among local residents is not disclosed, however, given the fact that the explosion occurred in urban areas, the number of such can be in the tens.