The militants tried to escape from the VKS fighters at the MLRS, but did not have time. Video

An attempt by the militants to escape from Russian combat aircraft was unsuccessful. had at its disposal unique video frames depicting the “escape” of Syrian terrorists from Russian air forces in a car, from which terrorists attacked the positions of the Russian and Syrian military a few minutes ago. The escape of the militants was a complete failure and lasted only a few seconds.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the terrorist vehicle, apparently a pickup truck with a multiple launch rocket system installed in the back of the vehicle, is trying to hide at high speed in a small roadside planting.

At some point, the militants abruptly change the trajectory of their movement, obviously trying to confuse the Russian pilots, however, after another moment the transport is destroyed, and judging by the wreckage of the car flying hundreds of meters, we are talking about a direct hit.

To date, the Russian military has chosen a fairly effective way to combat the enemy’s MLRS, launching the drone and controlling missile launches with its help, and after a few minutes or even tens of seconds, the Russian airborne forces strike an exact blow to the terrorists, depriving the latter as manpower, and weapons.

According to some reports, only since the beginning of the current month, Russian airspace forces managed to destroy at least ten multiple launch rocket systems of terrorists.