Shot down a drone


Militants shot down Russian Orlan-10 drone in Syria

In Syria, shot down a Russian military drone.

A few hours ago, terrorists of the Syrian National Army group destroyed in the area of ​​the settlement of Suluk (Raqqa province) a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle, Orlan-10, which monitored the terrain for the terrorists to observe the ceasefire. The drone was shot down from an automatic weapon, as evidenced by the relevant arguments of the militants, however, in the presented photo, there is no damage to the drone, which raises a number of doubts about the authenticity of the information.

Given the opening of fire on a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle, militants emphasized their willingness to abandon existing agreements to introduce a ceasefire.

Taking into account the fact that the drone was shot down from automatic weapons, experts believe that the drone was flying at a low altitude, however, the Syrian National Army group did not provide any details on this subject.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have not yet commented on the loss of their unmanned aerial vehicle, however, experts believe that in response to violations of the agreements, Russia can take appropriate measures, demonstrating what the violations of the ceasefire will lead to.

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