Militants shot down a Mi-35 helicopter, the crew died

The militants destroyed the Mi-35 helicopter.

At the disposal of the Avia.pro news agency was information that the "Tygrai Resistance Forces" successfully destroyed the Mi-35 helicopter, which took part in striking the positions of the latter. According to representative data, the helicopter was shot down from an anti-aircraft gun - the crew on board was killed.

In the presented photo you can see the destroyed Russian-made rotary-wing aircraft. Taking into account the damage received by the helicopter, the crew probably tried to remove the already knocked out rotorcraft from under enemy fire, however, apparently, the damage was critical, and the car simply fell.

According to official data, the Ethiopian Air Force is armed with 18 Mi-24 and Mi-35 attack helicopters, however, the loss of one combat vehicle is a very significant loss for the country's air force, especially given the fact. that earlier the radicals also seized the S-300 complexes - the positional area of ​​the latter was simply abandoned by the Ethiopian military during the counter-attack by the militants.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Defense declined to comment on the loss of its helicopter in any way, however, confirming this fact.

Well, the fact that they captured the C 300 is nothing. You need to be able to shoot from it, and it is very difficult. We taught the operator for half a year so that he would begin to understand something. And the commander must be trained for at least three years. So technology in the hands of a savage is a piece of metal.