Military helicopter


Militants shot down a helicopter with the Russian military

A helicopter with Russian military specialists was shot down over the CAR.

Not far from the city of Bozum, the capital of the Ouam Pendé region, a helicopter carrying the Russian military was shot down by members of local illegal armed groups. According to the data presented, the helicopter was damaged, however, the pilot was still able to make an emergency landing - the pilot on board and the wounded soldier being transported were injured, however, they did not die.

According to the initial data, it was about Russian mercenaries, presumably about the private military company Wagner, however, later information was clarified - we are talking about Russian military specialists who arrived in the CAR to train the local military and provide assistance in the framework of military-technical cooperation.

At the moment, there is no official information about the state of the Russian military personnel, however, at the same time, Directorate 4 reports that it could still be about Russian mercenaries, and it was the Wagner PMC members who carried out the evacuation of the victims in as a result of the crash of the rotorcraft, while the information about the defeat of the helicopter with the Russian military from the ground is not confirmed, in contrast to the initial information.

“Russian journalists have confirmed the crash of the so-called helicopter. PMC "Wagner" in the Central African Republic. The incident took place on February 27 (pictured). Then the multipurpose helicopter SA341 Gazelle, piloted by a Russian mercenary, made a hard landing near the capital of the prefecture of Ouam-Pende, Bozum. Russian mercenaries quickly arrived at the crash site and evacuated the pilot and the wounded man he was transporting. After that, the aircraft was burned "- it is said in the message "Directorate 4".

There are no official comments from the Russian Defense Ministry on this subject yet.

no, no, nothing was written on their backs, they had badges on their chests when they began to give interviews after the operation)

Yeah, and on the backs of everyone it was written “PMC“ Wagner ”.” Immediately, the journalists realized that it was they who carried out the evacuation of the wounded from the helicopter. :))) Could it have been the Selous Scouts at all?

In the photo - MI-8
and in the text - the French "Gazelle".