Military truck


Militants in the Central African Republic seized a Russian military truck

African militants seized a Russian military truck that arrived in the CAR a few weeks ago.

Despite the fact that Russia supplied the government forces of the Central African Republic (CAR) with weapons and equipment, it became known that the militants were still able to capture the Russian military truck Ural-4320, which was transferred to this country just a few weeks ago.

In the photo presented, you can see that the militants managed to take possession of a military vehicle, which, according to some sources, was abandoned by the local military after an unexpected militant offensive, which raises some doubts about the ability of the CAR government forces to resist local illegal groups, even taking into account the supply of Russian weapons.

It should be noted that this is far from the first case of the loss of supplied Russian military equipment by the CAR government forces. In particular, about a month ago, the militants managed to capture the BRDM, also supplied to the CAR forces from Russia, as evidenced by the corresponding marks on the equipment captured by the militants.