The militants captured the Russian S-300 air defense system and shot down a MiG-23 fighter - the pilot escaped, but was captured. Video

After the capture of the Russian S-300, the MiG-23 supersonic fighter was shot down.

A few hours ago, the forces of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tygra, which had previously captured at least one Russian S-300 air defense system, which was in service with the country's government forces, mysteriously destroyed a MiG-23 supersonic fighter, which, as it is assumed, could well have been destroyed by a missile hit complex S-300.



At the disposal of the news agency was a video posted by the user "Last Defender", which shows the destruction of a MiG-23 fighter by an unknown anti-aircraft guided missile. The combat aircraft was knocked out by the forces of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tygra, while there really appeared on the Web that there were specialists in the ranks of the rebels working with these Russian-made complexes.

It is known that the pilot of the downed MiG-23 fighter managed to eject, but he was captured by the rebels, which most likely indicates that if the missile hit the aircraft, it was not done with a direct hit - most likely the fighter turned out to be riddled with fragments of the warhead