The general was captured


Militants captured Israeli Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni and about 100 Israeli soldiers

According to reports from Palestine, Hamas announces the capture of 112 persons, including Israeli soldiers and civilians. Among the prisoners is one of the tank crews of the Merkava tank, which, according to the movement, was destroyed at the border.

Let us recall that the Merkava tank is known as one of the main battle tanks of the Israeli Armed Forces. The incident with its destruction and subsequent capture of the serviceman becomes another indicator of the escalation of violence in the region and the deterioration of relations between the parties to the conflict.

The Hamas side is actively disseminating information about captured prisoners, using this as a tactical means of psychological pressure on Israel and the international community, while the Israeli side has not yet provided confirmation or refutation of this information.

However, video footage appeared of the capture of Israeli Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni.


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