French Navy


NATO warship dangerously approached Russian naval base in Syria

A French warship staged a provocation near a Russian naval base in Syria.

A few hours ago, the command of the French Navy reported that the frigate F713 Aconit approached the shores of Syria to conduct a certain military special operation. It is known that a combat naval vessel approached the Syrian territorial waters quite close to the Russian naval base in Tartus, obviously. in order to demonstrate imaginary superiority over the Russian military, however, for quite obvious reasons, they did not enter the territorial waters of Syria, realizing that the Russian and Syrian military could attack a warship without warning.

One French warship poses no real danger to either the Russian or the Syrian military, and. Obviously, the French naval command also does not intend to make serious provocations, realizing that Russia has enough means to counter this, including coastal missile systems, weapons of warships, as well as combat aircraft stationed at the Khmeimim airbase.

What specific military special operation of the French Navy is in question is not specified.