A combat helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces discovered in Syria a convoy, in more than a hundred trucks, with oil stolen by the United States

A Russian combat helicopter has spotted hundreds of trucks full of US-stolen oil in Syria.

A Russian combat helicopter, as part of a patrol in northeastern Syria, spotted a record convoy of more than a hundred trucks transporting illegally produced US oil. The Russian military carefully studied the route of trucks with stolen oil, establishing a complete scheme for its transportation.

On the presented video frames, you can see how a Russian combat helicopter (and we are talking, presumably, about the Ka-52 helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces), while patrolling, noticed a huge convoy of trucks. The latter are actively exporting US-produced oil in Syria. Russian military aviation did not show aggression, however, it is obvious that in the near future Damascus and Moscow will begin to deal with the issue of blocking the illegal export of oil from the territory of the Arab Republic.

Based on the video footage presented, the convoy with stolen oil includes 106 vehicles, although this number could be much higher. For obvious reasons, this causes very serious damage to the Syrian economy, and, remarkably, the United States does not hide the fact of illegal oil production, receiving several hundred million dollars a month.