Warships of Sweden, Denmark and Norway are preparing to stage a provocation in the Baltic Sea

Sweden, Denmark and Norway agreed to send their warships to the Russian coast.

As part of the negotiations between the Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark and Norway reached an agreement to send their warships to the waters of the Baltic Sea to counter Russia. It is noteworthy that three states have declared their intention to establish military control over the Baltic Sea, which may be a serious provocation directed against Russia.

“We have an agreement that countries are allowed to use each other's military infrastructure, as well as airspace. We must develop a plan together on how we will provide security, then we can coordinate more. We can prepare and conduct military operations in case of conflict. In general, this makes it possible to control the Baltic Sea and take responsibility together in crisis situations.”, - said the Minister of Defense of Sweden Peter Hultqvist.

Such actions on the part of Sweden, Denmark and Norway are a rather serious threat, and therefore Russia will respond appropriately to any attempts to block the Russian presence in this region, especially against the background of how Sweden intends to become a NATO member country.


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