US warships are trapped by the Russian fleet in the Baltic and Mediterranean seas

It became known about a trap prepared by Russia for US ships on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The Russian military lure US ships into a very serious trap in the waters of the Baltic Sea, when triggered, American warships approaching St. Petersburg may be surrounded and actually jammed by the Russian fleet, military aircraft and coastal missile systems. According to information resources, in the near future, American warships will try to head to this region, and then the United States will face a colossal problem - Russia simply will not release American ships, completely blocking any actions of the latter.

“If you carefully study the activities of the American fleet, you can find a lot of interesting things. The US Navy command has the courage to send its warships only to the Black Sea, but in the Baltic Sea they do not risk approaching St. Petersburg. The so-called Russian gates of the Baltic are not the place where American warships will be able to navigate freely ", - reports the publication "Sohu", citing facts about how the Russian fleet will be able to lock the American ships.

Among other things, there are a number of assumptions that another trap of the Russian fleet is prepared for NATO ships, in particular, in a few weeks a large aircraft carrier group should approach Russian military bases off the coast of Syria, and here the Alliance ships can also meet Russian submarines and warships. and aviation - given the lack of room for maneuver, blocking the AUG will be quite simple.

Let's wait and see what and how ...

Why should they approach the Gulf of Finland, in a combat situation.

If you carefully study the activities of the American fleet ...

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