Fighting in Bakhmut March 25


Fighting in Bakhmut is already 500 meters from the city administration

PMC "Wagner" managed to get almost to the center of Bakhmut.

At the moment, according to journalists, the fighting is going on in the area of ​​the Bakhmut Central Market. Judging by the video footage published from Ukrainian drones, the fighting is actively shifting to the central part of the city and at the moment they are already taking place only 500 meters from the city administration, which may indicate a turning point in the storming of the city.

The beginning of the fighting in the area of ​​​​the Central Market of Bakhmut indicates that the units of the Wagner PMC managed to cross the Bakhmutovka River on a large scale, completely squeezing out the Ukrainian troops from these approaches. The situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is seriously complicated by the fact that due to the fire control of almost all routes leading to Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot rotate, receive reinforcements and ammunition, and therefore slowly retreat to the western part of the city.

Among other things, the positions of the Ukrainian army are also being actively destroyed from the southern and northern directions. This indicates that large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may even be surrounded, although, in all likelihood, the key tactic is precisely squeezing the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of the city, since otherwise the enemy will be able to strike from the rear and flanks.


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