Battles in Donbass: Ukrainian Armed Forces bombing DPR positions in the morning

Ukrainian troops began bombing the territory of the DPR in the early morning.

Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began a new series of battles in the Donbass in the morning. According to local sources, Ukrainian troops unleashed multiple 120mm strikes. mortars at the position of the DPR militias. At the same time, apparently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are testing new tactics of fighting - dozens of strikes fall on the DPR positions within a few minutes, after which the positions of the shelling change in order to prevent the opening of return fire.

According to the data available to the information and news agency in the period from 8 to 36 at least 8 42-mm artillery mines were fired from the area of ​​the Vodyanoye settlement at the DPR positions. Shortly before that, the fire was fired from a heavy 18-mm. artillery from the Avdeevka area. After that, attacks began from other directions.

It should be noted that over the past few weeks, the intensity of the fighting in the Donbass has significantly decreased, however, experts believe that in the near future the clashes will intensify, as it became known about the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to move the front line eastward for the possible capture of several more settlements of the DPR.

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The remnants of Ukraine were abolished along with Poland in the 18th century. The current "Ukraine" and "Ukrainians" are typical impostors invented by the Poles and created by the Bolsheviks.

Whom to believe then?

It will be bad for them if the press conference is disrupted.

the old ones are crossed, they think how to draw the new ones ...

Donbass is Ukraine, period! Stop supporting the separatists!

What's going on? The editorial office writes about the shelling of Donetsk, and the reader refutes the very fact of the shooting. In order not to slide down to the level of Solovyov-Kiselev-Skobeeva, it would be good for the editors to cite some objective facts. Facts, not links to anyone.

Gentlemen editors, just a moment of attention! You can only bomb with bombs. Neither mines, nor rocket or cannon artillery, nor missiles. All of the above can only be fired upon and struck. I read your headline and was stunned, what kind of bombing in the no-fly zone? You are more careful with the headings there.

The red lines are crossed, and the answer is silence.

There is no shelling in Donbass, what are you writing about?



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