Military in Syria


More than 1600 Syrian militants surrendered to the Russian military in a week

Almost two thousand terrorists decided to surrender to the Russian military.

Over the past week, almost two thousand militants who took part in hostilities both against the Syrian and, obviously, against the Russian military, preferred to surrender to the Russian military. According to the information previously provided by the news agency, a week earlier the number of militants who decided to surrender their weapons and stop terrorist activities was 5.5 thousand. As of September 30, 2021, the number of those has already reached 7150 people.

At the moment, the Russian side acts as an intermediary between the militants and the Syrian government forces, guaranteeing the first absence of persecution, provided that they return to peaceful life and surrender their weapons. Nevertheless, illegal armed groups have already begun to cooperate with the SAA forces, as reported by the Russian Vesna news agency.

“After the entry of Russian army units in Deraa, the situation in this hot spot near the borders of the SAR, Israel and Jordan has changed markedly. After the intervention of the Russian military in the south of the SAR, the fierce fighting stopped completely, the process of stabilizing the situation and the surrender of weapons by members of the illegal armed group is underway. More than 7100 militants have already responded to the call to stop the bloodshed and make peace with the government. ", - reports the publication "Russian Spring"

In fact, in a week, more than 1600 militants decided to move to a peaceful life. At the same time, it is reported that Russia and Syria are steadily maintaining their earlier promises. Obviously, this will lead to the fact that in the coming months the Syrian army will fully regain control over the southwestern part of Syria.


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