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More 400 pilots sued "Boeing" due to faults Boeing 737 MAX 8

More 400 pilots have filed a lawsuit against Boeing for concealing 737 MAX defects.

Australian television channel ABC, referring to court documents, reports that more than 400 pilots filed a class lawsuit against Boeing for "unprecedented concealment" of defects made in the design of the 737 MAX model. The lawsuit was filed for decisions that made pilots face losses and psychological problems after many airlines suspended the operation of aircraft of this model.

As follows from the documents that were put at the disposal of the TV channel, the pilots accuse Boeing of “participating in the unprecedented concealment of known defects in the construction of MAX, which apparently caused the crash of two MAX aircraft and further suspension of operation of this model around the world.”

A hearing on this case will be held in the court of the city of Chicago (USA) 21 October 2019 year.

Operation of airliners model 737 MAX was suspended in the United States and several other countries after the crash of two aircraft. In March, 2019 of the Boeing 737 MAX of Ethiopian Airlines suffered a crash near the town of Debre-Zeit (Ethiopia). All 157 people on board died. The same plane of the Indonesian company Lion Air crashed in November 2018.

After the March disaster, almost 20 countries closed their territory for the flights of this model aircraft. Many airlines have suspended the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX 8. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration also banned the operation of this model. When investigating the causes of the disaster, probable errors in the operation of the maneuvering correction system (MCAS) were identified. Boeing is working to eliminate these shortcomings. She updated the pilot training program. The start date of the Boeing 737 MAX tests has not yet been determined.