More than a hundred pieces of Iranian military equipment spotted on the border with Iraq

Hundreds of Iranian armored vehicles move towards the Iraqi border.

Despite the absence of official statements from Iran about its intentions to conduct a military operation in Iraqi Kurdistan, at least four large convoys with armored vehicles and army trucks, totaling more than 150 units, were seen moving towards the Iraqi border. Baghdad categorically opposes any strikes and military operations on its territory and intends to act based on its own interests. At the same time, it is very likely that Iranian troops will be attacked by the US military, which still maintains its military presence in northern Iraq.

At the moment, there are about 100 armored vehicles and about 50 army trucks and special military equipment in the region of the Iran-Iraq border. This indicates that Tehran really intends to conduct a military operation. Taking into account the fact that at least two American military bases are located in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, experts believe that the United States will escalate as soon as Iranian military equipment enters Iraqi territory.

“Iraq itself cannot oppose Iran with anything in strength. It is obvious that the United States will try to intervene in the situation and, with a high degree of probability, Israel will also intervene in the situation, which is simply interested in attacking Iran. It is more than likely that this will lead to a new large-scale armed conflict in the region.", - the expert marks.

At the moment, representatives of the IRGC do not comment on the deployment of significant forces on the border with Iraq.


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