Bulgaria and NATO countries worked out strikes on Russian territory

Bulgaria and NATO countries worked out an attack on Russia in the Black Sea.

Despite the completion of the Sea Breeze 2021 military maneuvers, it became known that NATO countries continued to create provocations near the Russian borders in the Black Sea. So, according to the data presented, Bulgaria and other NATO countries used military aircraft and ships for the likely development of strikes on the territory of the Crimea, against which the Russian military had to deploy additional radar equipment and conduct their own military exercises.

According to experts, it is with this fact that the recent provocations of the US aviation near the western coast of Crimea are probably connected - according to analysts, the American military could have attracted the S-350 Vityaz complexes or other air defense systems, however, it turned out that the speech it is only about the deployment of radar facilities.

It is known that, thanks to the training, the Russian military could well work out ensuring the protection of the airspace, training on the aircraft of a real enemy. However, Bulgaria's actions themselves raise many questions, especially after NATO ships tried to violate Russian borders during the Sea Breeze 2021 maneuvers. It nearly cost the Alliance full-scale clashes with Russia.

The "alien" Black Sea belongs to countries that traditionally had access to it - Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and others, and Ukraine is a newly converted country that did not have statehood, but it also has the right to its own Black Sea.
The Crimean War of 1853-1856, where many noble citizens of Great Britain were killed, was just against Russia, and only Russia, according to London and Paris, owned the Crimea.
Bulgaria owes everything to Russia, since as a result of the political and military activities of the Russian Empire, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece gained independence from Turkey.
But since 1912 Bulgaria has chosen the wrong side all the time ...
But no one will react with cries and slogans against Bulgaria:
1) We have all been in Bulgaria and the Bulgarians are not our enemies
2) The Bulgarian elite cannot do anything to us
3) We know that Bulgaria always chooses the secured and strong side, in their opinion, and it is unnecessary to swear and get angry. As a NATO member, it is obliged to participate in their exercises.

Bulgaria is a wonderful small poor country that gets along well with its neighbors. She is not ready - for some king to decide - that the Black Sea is his inner puddle, which he has the right to pollute with his rusty ships and non-working sewers. And everything goes to the fact that the whole world return to Ukraine its ancestral territories.

Of course, "And whether to swear at them" makes no sense. It is high time to stop counting them as "brothers". And consider it meat for NATO, which NATO does not mind.
They have some kind of scandal there with "Bulgaria transferred to the American Agency for Defense Cooperation and Security an amount of $ 1,2 billion for eight F-16 Block 70 multipurpose fighters and the equipment and weapons necessary for them."

Bulgaria has 3 MiG-29. Probably a serious threat, do you think? Please do not write nonsense. Most Bulgarian people have good feelings for the Russian people.

Sergei, but in Germany, the demonstration or sale of the symbols of the "Third Reich" is prohibited and punishable by law.
And in Bulgaria on the trays of Burgas antiques, for example, there are rings, folding knives, badges with the symbols of Nazi Germany, that is, for their understanding, "this is so, nothing ...", "it was so ...", and now antiques (there are no fascist as in Ukraine) they misunderstand us, since they declared the USSR in war, but did not get involved (they only tried to take territory from Serbia) and did not recognize all the "charms" and hardships.
And Bulgaria traditionally chooses the side, in their opinion, the more prosperous and strong.
Again, "brothers" are mistaken in choosing a side ... And does it make any sense to swear at them?! :))

Quote: "... Bulgaria's actions themselves raise many questions ..."
You were surprised, and what are the questions?
Bulgaria is a NATO member, that is, it is obliged to participate in the life of NATO, and therefore in the exercises (it is clear that during a NATO attack on Russia, they can "work" back and forth, as in 1944, but they rely on it arrogantly).
And then since 1912 Bulgaria has always chosen the wrong side ...))

That the Bulgarian "brothers" again betrayed those who saved them from the Ottoman and then the fascist yoke.



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