US Air Force


A large group of American fighters headed for Iran

Sources reported a massive strike on Iran.

A few hours ago, reported that a squadron of US Air Force fighters escaped from an air base in Spain, accompanied by a KC-10 tanker plane headed for the eastern Mediterranean, preparing to launch a large-scale attack on Iran.

On the presented image of the flight of the American tanker aircraft, you can see. that the aircraft has almost entered the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the Telegram-communities, the plane is accompanied by combat fighters, and in the Persian Gulf, at a relatively small distance from the Iranian airspace, reconnaissance aircraft P-3 Orion and E-3 Awacs were seen.

It should be clarified that the sources do not exclude the possible relocation of US military aircraft to the Middle East, but that fact is of serious concern. that this is done at night and with the direct participation of reconnaissance aviation and the tanker aircraft.



It should be noted that no official statements were made by Washington about a possible strike on Iran.

Now ours will begin to mumble and wring their hands turning to the UN.

Make a circle and come back. Bomb Iran for the United States - the guts!