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More 30 holes: SSJ-100 in flight turned into a sieve. A photo

The next Sukhoi Superjet 100 flight almost ended in a new plane crash.

This afternoon, the passenger airliner Sukhoi Superjet 100, owned by the airline "Aeroflot", almost got into a new plane crash - right during the flight the aircraft received more 30 holes.

It is known that the passenger airliner performed a regular flight from Moscow to Izhevsk, however, in the process of landing at the destination, it was found that the plane literally turned into a sieve.

“So that representatives of the airline do not approve, 30 has holes for the fuselage of the aircraft - this is almost equivalent to a plane crash. It is noteworthy that the crew did not respond to it properly. ”, - the expert marks.

As it turned out later, the 14-meter steel cable, which lashed the plane throughout the flight, was the reason for the appearance of holes in the fuselage of the passenger airliner. At the moment, it has already been established that the culprit of the incident is one of the technicians who forgot to detach the cable directly in preparation for the flight.

In fact what has happened is being checked.

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