Greater demand than on Patriot: Russia will deliver C-400 systems to 13 countries

Russian S-C-400 will be delivered to 13 countries.

Despite the harsh criticism to which the US C-400 systems are being subjected to by the United States, today the interest in Triumphs has been significantly higher than in the American Patriot systems. This is due to the information that the Russian complexes are planned to be supplied to 13 of various states, while the US Patriot systems are currently used only by 11 countries.

The information that the Triumph C-400 air defense system is planned to be delivered to 13 of various countries was presented by ProlitPazl, which refers to its own sources. Among them is China, which has already adopted the Russian air defense systems, Turkey, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc.

In fact, the Russian C-400 "Triumph" gained enormous popularity, which, by the way, is also due to the US, as Washington banned the purchase of Russian weapons, citing the fact that it poses a serious threat to both the US and for American allies.

Within the next two months, the first C-400 complexes will appear in service with Turkey, which has refused to buy the Patriot, citing the fact that these systems lag behind the Russian C-400 for at least a decade.