A large train with military equipment is seen moving to the Crimea

A huge trainload of military equipment was seen on the bridge to the Crimea.

In the video footage, which greatly delighted the citizens, one can see various types of military equipment, including armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, army trucks, as well as passenger cars in which military personnel are located. The video footage, apparently, was filmed about a day ago and the equipment itself may well be sent to participate in a special military operation in order to strengthen the presence of the Russian group of troops.

On the presented video footage taken from a passing car, one can see that there are armored tractors, unidentified infantry fighting vehicles (presumably BMP-1), an armored personnel carrier with an anti-aircraft gun, T-72 tanks, army trucks and special military equipment on the railway platforms.

The video managed to count 19 combat vehicles, however, the total number of vehicles transported by the train remains unknown. Judging by the direction of movement of the train, the latter was moving towards the Crimean peninsula.

According to a number of assumptions made, military equipment may be intended for those liable for military service called up as part of partial mobilization, however, at the moment there is no confirmation of this data.


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