B-2 bombers


Bombers B-2 flew 50 thousand kilometers to scare Russia?

The Pentagon is trying to show Russia its aggressiveness.

As follows from the information provided by the Chinese information resource "East Day", on May 19, six American strategic bombers B-2, having taken off from one of the American airbases, covered more than 50 thousand kilometers, inflicting airstrikes on jihadists in Afghanistan. Despite the fact that it was not a question of conducting a special operation associated with the destruction of large enemy forces, the US Department of Defense decided to use strategic B-2 bombers, which, according to military analysts from the PRC, may be related to the intention to intimidate Russia ...

"American B-2 bombers are capable of delivering effective strikes against virtually any enemy, but the long flight was not so much connected with the need to destroy several dozen militants as to an attempt to intimidate Russia. While Russian bombers flew extremely close to the US air borders, the Pentagon also decided to demonstrate the capabilities of its strategic aviation by sending airplanes across the globe ", - said the expert.

Considering the fact that the flight itself lasted more than 24 hours, the pilots of B-2 bombers had to take a special medical preparation that allows them to remain in a state of raised tone for a long time, which in turn makes it possible to effectively perform the assigned combat missions.

There have been no official statements from the Pentagon on this matter, but if the United States of America really tries to demonstrate its aggressiveness towards Russia, all this can only result in an escalation of military tension between the two superpowers.

* B-2 - American heavy stealth strategic bomber developed by Northrop Grumman.

There F-117 was ...

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Probably the pilots were like that crow from the anecdote, smoking hasn: "Knock me down with sticks, I can't sit down"

Apparently with the dose of the drug overdone. Otherwise they would have sat down.

That 160 surpasses all bombers of the world in absolute terms (except for stealthiness).
In comparison with other strategic bombers, it has the largest payload (45 t), the highest speed (2230 km / h), it has no equal in terms of flight altitude (22000 m), in combat radius (7300 km), in terms of thrust-to-weight ratio ( 0,37), according to the total thrust of the engines (100 tf). After modernization, due to the introduction of new systems, the combat effectiveness of Tu-160M2 will increase by 2,5 times compared to its predecessor.
With all this, the US Air Force, forming TK for its B-2, proceeded largely from the following circumstances, based on the specifics of building its strategic aviation.
1. The B-2 bomber is an air component of the nuclear triad. And he must act first of all against the main rival, who has the same nuclear potential. That is against Russia. Well, when the concept of B-2 was developed, it was about the Soviet Union.

2. To make B-2 high-speed did not make sense due to the fact that Russia's air defense potential was. First, from the interceptor MiG-31, which has a speed equal to 3000 km / h, it is impossible to "escape" to any bomber. Secondly, for Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, the high speed of the target is not of fundamental importance.

3. American means of nuclear strike "air-surface" do not have missiles that would have a significant range of flight to the target. There are only B61 nuclear bombs. In order to reset them, the bomber must enter the air defense zone of Russia. And in this case it is necessary either that each "Spirit" is accompanied by at least a regiment of fighter protection, which is unrealistic, or to make the bomber as low as possible.
However, this was at the end of the 70-ies of the last century, when the bomber concept was formulated. Since then, the possibility of detecting invisible targets from ground-based air defense systems in Russia has increased significantly.
In addition, the Russian strategic aviation is built on different principles. The long-range bomber missile carriers do not need to enter the enemy's air defense zone to strike a nuclear strike, because the X-102 missiles with a nuclear warhead have an range of 5500 km, although they appeared not long ago, but even before that our strategic aircraft had an X- 55 with a range of 2500 to 3500 km.
Draw a conclusion ...

Less on 60km.

Apparently decided to first make a circle or two around the globe. Pindos have a bad geography, as well as journalists.

If the area of ​​Syria equals 500 million square kilometers, then why can not B-2 fly 50000 kilometers?

I do not understand much in arithmetic, but I can well imagine our globe, which is smaller than the flight path above it at a distance of ten kilometers.

And the meaning of such flights? Stealth for years 20 lost the meaning of invisibility, and stealthiness does not mean invisibility, by the way, the first stealthy is knocked down quietly, even without the heaped rlab. And so Let Russia try to fly over, and that's why such a kilometer and flew. Soon there will be a new radar system that surpasses all known ones and will work on air density, even air balls will see

So the calculator is also Pindos. They thought they were !!

Few flown .. It was necessary to fly to the moon and back, then would Russia could have combed the back of the head)))

After the unification of Germany, the experts of the US Air Force got an opportunity to get acquainted with the Soviet fighter of the fourth generation of MiG-29 (Fulcrum-A) .....
Test pilot Larry Nielsen, who participated in this program, nevertheless let slip in an interview with Robert F. Dorr (an employee of the World Air Power Journal) that the N-019 radar (developed by NPO Phazotron) installed on the MiG-29 sees B-2 even against the background of the earth !! In his opinion, one can almost certainly assume that the MiG-31 and Su-27 radars are also capable of selecting such a target, and at a much greater range.
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You are very emotional and did not understand the essence of the events. Start from the very beginning of the war in Syria. Find the vidos, find out how it started, how Russia became involved in this war, on what rights and how. And then your text is more like a hysterical and rewrite for you information from which you can add a logical picture there is no desire.

It's unclear how they flew there. They probably would not have been allowed to fly through Russia. Through China too. So it turns out that the extra kilometers they wound around flying unfriendly territory.

20km additions to the radius are 20 * 2 * 3,14 = 125,6 km, but not 10000

"speed ... 2,5 thousand km per hour" :))))
At this fool maximal 1 thousand kilometers per hour. This is slightly more than passenger airplanes

Well, it’s not clear, it was necessary to pocket the greens, so they attributed “MORE than 50000 km”. Freebie money!

A beautiful airplane, I would like that Russia would have a similar or better

Vindovy calculator touches me ..
e.g. 6380.43km * (2 * 3.14) = 40069 km, not 39813. km
But the conclusion remains the same.

It seems they are lost ... On the second round went

40000 / (2 * 3.14) = 6369.43km - radius
6369.43 + 11km = 6380.43km - radius for calculating the route
6380.43km * (2 * 3.14) = 39813. km
This is much less than "... more than 50000 km"

And why did you have to fly around the world to fly to Afghanistan, and then where they still flew 10000 km, because the distance around the earth is 40000 km?

These unobtrusive aircraft are perfectly visible on our radars

Normally so cut ...

I think that 50000 km is a common attack of 6 bombers b-2

If you do not skip school, then the concept of diameter is incorrect to use, well, not to fly through the earth's core.
The length of the equator is 40m km.
Well, the flight trajectory is always very different from the straight line between points A and B.

Neither of themselves, as these American idiots crush !!! Even if they somewhere and flew without landings 50 000 km, and the speed of their flight, on average, was about 2,5 thousand kilometers per hour., Then in the air they had to stay 20 hours, this is less than a day. From where two days did they take it ?! And they are all there, accustomed to the life of members to measure, that's what they say to each other who have more, who are longer-idiots. They would cease to deceive themselves to begin with ...

Which are more than 50 thousand km? The Earth's diameter is 12700. Did they fly to the moon?

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It is interesting that the circumference of the Earth 40t.km, where they still 10.km winded?

our Myasishchev m-2 flew around the ground at the end of 50-ies with 4-me removable crews, then they realized their inexpediency and high cost of operation in peacetime, were written off.

There are absolutely no invisible aircraft. And F117 was not accidentally sent to rest. All existing invisibles already have their EPR mockups, which are included in the bases of air defense systems. At 400 I think for sure. Let 0,01 m2, but it still glows, and most importantly, it moves with a certain speed, obviously not a bird's. The only time that the distance of the launch of cruise missiles is often greater than the radius of missile launch by the air defense complex, respectively, here only the hope for interceptors. PS The Hindus very much praise the SU-30MK radar, they write that they watched the military exercises of the Chinese Air Force from their territory, in which the 5-generation J-20 fighters carried out training exercises on the 4-generation aircraft J-10 and J-11. And here are the very J-20 invisibility of which is borrowed from F22 and F35 are well highlighted. Believe it or not.

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At pendosov the equator)))

The length of the equator is slightly more than 40 thousand kilometers.

In fact, the length of the equator of the globe is slightly more than 40 thousand km)))

Yes, gentlemen-comrades, all in the 8-th class cf. school,
what is there 4 turnover, this is just the distance (arc length), of course approximately, from the Pindos to Afghanistan and back at an altitude of 11km.
All teach arithmetic !!!

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Interesting planes as plates

We must count along the circumference, the circumference of the planet 40 000 km

It seems that Susanin led them on their GPS navigator.

It will be the most about 150 km. Teach arithmetic.

The Yugoslavs, when they shot down these "invisible" men, simply did not know that they were "invisible".

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Do not show your stupidity, flight range B-2 11 thousand km. Even with 4-me refueling in the air can not overcome this distance.

They searched for Afghanistan))

Not otherwise than from the moon (that is, from the set in Nevada)

This is the Yugoslav missiles 70-ies knocked down the doses you are so frightened that they themselves are obscuring cease

You apparently have problems with mathematics. Turn around the earth is the circumference (at the equator 40000 km-but this is on the surface, at an altitude of 20 km there will be much more). Therefore pendosy could fly to and fro 50000, the question just did they do it most likely with refueling

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12 000 is through the length of the arc of the circle along the equator 40 000 with a tail. I understand that it was counted to Afghanistan and back ...

if we consider that the diameter of the planet is 12 742 km, then they made 4 turnover around the earth. The question is: where did they fly so many kilometers?

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50.000 km is where did they fly ?????

We can not frighten us with this garbage, we are so desperately on the ground

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