Su-34 bombers equip Khibiny-2 EW complexes

Fighter-bombers Su-34 ZVO will receive the Khibiny-2 EW systems.

The press service of the Western Military District reported that the Su-34 fighter-bomber, which is part of the air regiment stationed in the Voronezh region, provides for the supply of new electronic warfare systems "Harbin-2".

As it became known, deliveries have already begun. The aviation regiment received more than 30 sets of new Harbin-2 EW systems. They will be installed on the Su-34 front-line bombers, which are in service with the regiment.

Also, more than 30 EW complexes have been obtained by specialists of ground services. These complexes will be equipped with aircraft of the air regiment of the Leningrad Army Air Force and Air Defense, the location of which is the Voronezh region.

The upgraded equipment will be equipped with Su-34 ZVO multi-purpose fighter-bombers “to block and suppress the potential enemy radio navigation equipment in the air.” The Harbin-2 EW complex differs from the base model in a wider coverage area and a affected area. This allows you to increase the degree of survivability of the machine twice during the battle.

Testing of the equipment installed on the aircraft will be carried out at the tactical flight exercises in July of this year. Crews of the Su-34 with the help of this equipment will create false targets for enemy ground defense assets. Its role will be played by the command posts of the C-300PM complexes.