Bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces are fiercely bombing Turkish mercenaries for the third day

The Russian Aerospace Forces began large-scale strikes against Turkish mercenaries.

Against the background of the violation by the Turkish side of the agreements with Russia on Syria, it became known that the Russian military aviation began to inflict large-scale strikes on Turkish mercenaries and militants in the north-west of the Arab republic. As it became known to the editors of the information portal, fierce strikes have been carried out by Russian bombers and fighters for the third day in a row, moreover, the latter coincided with the supply of equipment and weapons from the Turkish army.



According to the data available to the resource, in three days the Russian Aerospace Forces managed to destroy at least a dozen vehicles of militants, more than 40 jihadists, a command post of Turkish mercenaries, as well as several warehouses with weapons and ammunition.



At the moment, there are video recordings showing that the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces are targeted. So far, there are no official comments on this matter either from the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, or from the Russian defense department. Nevertheless, experts believe that we are talking about a counter-terrorist operation, the key goal of which is to free the northwestern part of the Arab republic from terrorists.

How is it? In the third video, if you look closely, you can see how bundles are scattered in all directions!

in the video it looks like someone is firing grass at their summer cottage

Something the mercenaries are not visible.