NATO ships


Russian Aerospace Forces bombers and patrol ships put NATO ships to flight after provocation

An unexpected NATO provocation ended with the flight of the ships of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Russian military punished NATO for attempting a provocation near the Russian borders, forcing NATO ships to flee after Russian escort ships headed in their direction and bombers and fighters were raised into the sky. The demoralizing effect was so strong that NATO had to raise F-16 fighters from its military air bases in order to prevent real attacks with the use of electronic warfare systems against its own ships.

“Russian ships managed to 'squeeze out' the western fleet from the exclusive zone of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea. There is a need for the ships of the North Atlantic Alliance to patrol the Black Sea area, since Ukraine will need several years to create its own flotilla. NATO naval exercises Sea Breeze-2020 took place in July this year in the Black Sea. The maneuvers took place with the participation of more than two dozen warships, two thousand military personnel, as well as aviation ", - about it сообщает Russian edition "Economics Today".

A day earlier, the news agency reported that when the American missile destroyer USS Porter tried to enter the Bosphorus, the latter had to request support for F-16 fighters - one of the reasons for this was Russia's large-scale exercises using military aircraft.