Russian Aerospace Forces strike


Bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces at dawn struck Syrian terrorists with vacuum bombs

An attempt by terrorists to move towards the Syrian positions was thwarted by strikes of vacuum bombs.

This morning, Russian military aircraft launched an attack on terrorist positions near the city of El Bara. The militants concentrated their forces and tried to move towards the location of the Syrian troops, however, as a result of three strikes with vacuum bombs, the enemy forces were completely destroyed.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of striking a group of terrorists in the area of ​​the city of El Bara. Apparently, we are talking about the use of vacuum aerial bombs, also called volumetric explosion bombs. This indicates that large groups of terrorists were attacked to maximize the effectiveness of the attacks.

Judging by the terrain, the blow was struck on one of the roadways, along which, obviously, the terrorists were moving towards the Syrian positions. However, there are no details on this yet. Earlier, Syrian sources reported that terrorists were concentrating their forces in the area of ​​the Jebel al-Zawiya mountains. A few days ago, this area was also subjected to active strikes from the Russian Aerospace Forces and the SAA artillery.