The bomber Tu-22M3


Bondarev spoke about Iskander-M and Tu-22M3 in Crimea, but he was denied

Troops in Crimea do not leave a chance to a potential enemy

Viktor Bondarev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, on March 15, on Saturday, said that the grouping of Russian troops stationed in the Crimea is constantly being strengthened. Thus, a potential opponent loses all chances for some success.

The press service of the senator, quoting Bondarev, cites facts confirming his statement. So, after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, Russian troops were stationed on the peninsula. In particular, the C-300 and C-400, Buk-М2, Pantsir-С1 systems were deployed. Anti-missile and air defense systems provide reliable air cover of this Russian region. In addition, in the Crimea is located coastal missile complex "Bastion", which is equipped with the most modern weapons.

In addition, the press service of the senator clarified. The fact is that the information about the deployment of Tu-22М3 long-range bomber and Iskander complexes in the Crimea was distributed by mistake.

The senator also stressed that during the development of the military potential of the peninsula, attention was paid not only to the deployment of warships, but also to the construction of coastal defensive installations. Today's Black Sea Fleet is a powerful defender of the South-Western territory of Russia.

Bondarev also noted that building up military capabilities is not only weapons and infrastructure, training of personnel is of paramount importance. This work is ongoing.

The military group existing in Crimea, the senator stressed, is also a guarantee that the detention of Russian ships is now excluded.