The fight against coronavirus in Russia: Skolkovo suggests spraying special equipment in the air

In Russia, they suggested spraying special drugs in the air to combat coronavirus.

Russian scientists from Skolkovo have proposed a new radical way to combat coronavirus, by spraying in the air a special liquid that can prevent the pandemic spread of a new type of coronavirus infection.

“The liquid created by Russian scientists is safe for humans and is suitable for processing medical masks and spraying in air. The authors of the development - Russian scientists from Skolkovo - suggest that it will be able to destroy the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. It is possible to use liquid both for processing medical masks and various surfaces, and for spraying in air ”- приводит Izvestia publication information referring to Skolkovo.

Until recently, the network actively disseminated information about the alleged special treatment of Russian cities through the spraying of special substances over large regions, however, the information was refuted by official statements, but given the information given, it is obvious that the method of spraying special compounds in air is still actively discussed .

Nevertheless, according to experts, if we are really talking about spraying special compounds to combat coronavirus infection, then this will not be done with the use of aviation.

“The treatment should be directed and if it comes to spraying special compounds or substances in the air, it will be carried out exclusively at ground level. You shouldn’t give rise to regular fakes that special aviation means will be used for this and thereby create a panic, especially since the situation is not yet critical ”, - the expert marks.

Skolkovo suggests and assumes, the show is not visible end ...

Why against a virus that dies on the surface and especially from the sun, Italy disinfects sun-drenched roads and squares over which no one has walked for a long time three times a week. Why did troops go to Italy for disinfection? Why didn't the quarantine month reduce the disease? Why do obedient citizens even get sick?
Why does the virus spread from Antarctica to the equator and higher? Why is a peak incidence in Russia and Canada expected at the end of April? Did humanity come across a simple coronavirus, and not something more dangerous, transmitted by the movement of air masses?