The stewardess fell from a height of nine meters


The stewardess fell from a height of nine meters

17 February 2014.In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, there was a resonant incident. The flight attendant of the airline "Ural airlines"Fell from the aircraft. This was the result of unqualified actions of the driver of the ladder. This" expert "made a mistake when choosing the feed rate of the ladder to board the aircraft, as a result, he collided with the board. As a result of the collision the conductor had fallen from a height of nine meters. At the moment she is in the hospital. She was diagnosed with a variety of serious injuries.

 In addition, it is worth paying attention also to the fact that as a result of the collision and also the plane received serious damage that does not allow to make the flight. In this regard, the aircraft was removed from the flight. Recall that this plane was supposed to perform a flight Dubai - Perm. Now employees of Ural Airlines are forced to look for a replacement for their aircraft.

 According to social data, a special commission of inquiry works at the site of the emergency. The airline has provided a backup aircraft to carry out this flight.

 Thus, due to unqualified actions of the maintenance staff, an employee of the airline "Ural Airlines" suffered. At the moment, the girl is in serious condition. Let us hope that the investigating authorities will be able to understand the incident and make their legal verdict.


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