Cabin crew "EasyJet" announced a New Year's strike

Airline «EasyJet» declared a strike during the holidays - 31 1 of December and January.

As before and сообщалось, Flight attendants of the airline "EasyJet" are not satisfied with their wages, which is why their two-day strike ended on the eve, which, in fact, did not succeed. In order to draw more attention to the public, flight attendants of EasyJet announced that they had prepared a real "surprise" for the airline's management, because because of this kind of strike, the airline's rating can really fall before hundreds of passengers.

The expert notes that in fact the strike of flight attendants of the airline "EasyJet" is unlikely to affect the reputation of the air carrier, since on holidays there are usually few passengers, in view of the fact that this is the eve of the new year.