Drone strike


DPR fighters shot down a new Ukrainian drone, which was considered invulnerable

The DPR unit managed to shoot down the "most reliable" drone of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Ukrainian military tried to conduct a new attack on the positions of the militia in Donbass, however, despite the use of a new drone, which just a few days ago in the Armed Forces of Ukraine called the "most reliable" drone among those in service with the Ukrainian army, DPR units successfully shot down the aircraft , using for this an unknown electronic warfare complex.

According to information provided by the DPR militias, the R-18 UAV drone carried three ammunition, which was supposed to be dropped on positions occupied by the DPR forces. Nevertheless, the unmanned aerial vehicle was successfully detected by radar and shot down using an electronic warfare system.

In the presented photo you can see a shot down Ukrainian drone, from which three ammunition filled with striking elements have already been removed. The drone received non-critical damage and may well be used by the militias of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic to attack the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Experts believe that in the near future the DPR fighters will try to use electronic warfare systems against a much more formidable enemy, the Bayraktar TB2 strike UAV.

You probably don’t know that this is an octocopter, its price is the cheapest 130t rubles and the most expensive 600t rubles

It's not about pity)))

How will DNR operate the refurbished drone? Better to catch them in the sky with a butterfly net. Like space debris. For the safety of the equipment.
The whole drone can be resold to the previous owners. Like a stolen car at half price.

Well, such drones are a dime a dozen on Ali, it's not a pity.