Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter from the Verba MANPADS from a distance of 5 km

The Russian military shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 from the Verba MANPADS.

The Russian military shot down a Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force from a distance of 5 kilometers. It is reported that the Verba portable anti-aircraft missile system was used for this.

It is noted that the military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation noticed the rotorcraft from afar and simply waited for it to approach the impact distance. The enemy Mi-8 was monitored from an industrial building. As soon as the helicopter was in the affected area, a Russian soldier with the call sign "Zarya" took aim and fired a missile from a MANPADS, which destroyed the rotorcraft along with the crew.

This incident took place in the context of ongoing military clashes on the territory of Ukraine. Both sides in the conflict use a variety of weapons, including man-portable air defense systems of various types.

It should be noted that earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had a large number of Western-style man-portable air defense systems. However, they are not able to cope with the Su-35 fighters, which are increasingly being used by the Russian army during a special military operation.


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