Rocket debris


Bayraktar TB2 UAV hit Armenia

The Bayraktar TB2 strike drone delivered new strikes on the territory of Armenia.

Azerbaijan has switched from using Bayraktar TB2 strike drones in Karabakh to using these drones to strike on the territory of Armenia. As it became known, the drone attacked the positions of the Armenian military on January 11, as evidenced by fragments of the MAM-L ammunition found on the spot.

According to data obtained by the news agency, the strike of the Azerbaijani Bayraktar TB2 drone hit the positions of the Armenian military near Vardenis, i.e., directly on the territory under the sovereignty of Armenia. It is known that the drone was not detected by air defense systems. This probably indicates that Azerbaijan could additionally use its electronic warfare equipment to quietly strike.

It should be noted that despite the fact that the situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia has stabilized, there is a very high risk of new armed clashes and a full-fledged military conflict in the region. This is due, among other things, to the recent statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev about his readiness to attack Armenia.

Baku does not officially comment on the strikes on the territory of Armenia.

Aliyev's grandfather was a doctor and the first leader of Azerbaijan. When the war began in 1941, Grandfather attached his son to the KGB. It is better to catch the enemies of the people than to run under bullets at the front, as the children of other leaders ran. It was not their war, but the Russians .. now the third Aliyev. This one will buy and sell the Russians several times.

The answer was to the provocations of Armenia, as a result of which a soldier of the Azerbaijani army died. But of course you prefer to remain silent about this.

President of Azerbaijan by inheritance from his father. In the past, an avid casino player. Today one of the richest people on the planet due to Azerbaijani oil and gas. The player's excitement was transferred to the battlefield in Karabakh...

So what?

Who is Aliyev?

Where is the CSTO? And ..... Fighting with Aliyev is not dispersing popular riots.