Security Guard Bruna Larissa


Brazilian stewardess showed her figure in a bikini while relaxing

A flight attendant from Brazil showed her bikini figure for the first time while on holiday.

Brazilian flight attendant Bruna Larissa, famous for her photographs, who is actively blogging and talking about the delights of her work, unexpectedly shared photographs of her figure while relaxing on a yacht, which literally delighted her fans.

As noted by users of social networks, despite the tiring work of a flight attendant, the girl manages to maintain an incredibly good figure, and her body in a dark green bikini clearly demonstrates this.

"You are beautiful!", "Fantastic body", "I love your wonderful energy", "Insanely beautiful!" - they wrote in the comments in the photo.

It should be noted that stewardess Bruna Larissa, in addition to beautiful photographs, also became popular thanks to her blogs, which attracted thousands of people, sparking a genuine interest in this profession.

This goodness is everywhere! Also me "original post" ---

This goodness is everywhere. Also a post for me!

and what's so beautiful about it? I know many much prettier ladies

come to us in Volgograd ... you will meet such people on every corner ...

Well, what's in it? Plain Zinka

They have one, perhaps, for the whole of Brazil?