The British disgraced the Royal Air Force for intercepting Russian aircraft

British readers outraged by the interception of Russian aircraft over the Baltic.

A publication appeared in the Daily Mail edition, which described how the British Air Force fighters accompanied Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea. The events described interested the British, who expressed their views on the interception in the comments.

Many simply perplexed, asking, on the basis of what the aircraft of Great Britain, being so far from the United Kingdom, at the borders of another state, were doing this?

User William ironically indignant about "Very aggressive move" from Russia, "Locating his country so close to so many NATO bases".

User Unholy racket rather quipped: “The UK is again defending its territory in Estonia. Fine".

Heladofficelacky asked a rhetorical question: “What is the UK doing in the Baltic?» Then he himself responded to it, stating that it was part of NATO, surrounding Russia.

User tobernottbe came to the conclusion that Britain does not make sense to patrol the Baltic. He is confident that countries in this region should deal with this. “The way Estonians fly in their border area”.

“Russians have a coastline on the Baltic Sea, and it’s located 1,500 miles from the United Kingdom. Why do we intercept Russians completely legitimate flying in international airspace a thousand miles from the UK? ”- wondered Catherine Neville.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom reported that British fighters repeatedly flew into the air from a military base in Estonia with the aim of escorting the aircraft of the Russian Air Force. The Ministry of Defense stresses that at the same time all security measures were respected, the departures were “professional”.