The airline RyanAir


The British staged a drunken brawl aboard RyanAir

Aircraft loukostera «RyanAir» forced landing at the airport of Berlin due to debauch on board.

At the moment, it is known that the initiators of the case of a debauch on board a passenger airliner were the British, and, according to some reports, we are talking about 12 young people who were in a state of strong intoxication, ignored the requests of the crew to comply with the rules of air transportation. Moreover, during the flight, the men quarreled among themselves, which almost turned into a mass fray, however, the crew and passengers managed to calm the young people, but despite this fact, the commander of the aircraft still decided to make an emergency landing in Berlin.

After landing in Germany, the police detained the airbossiers, and according to, now the young people will have to pay a fine of 25 thousand euros.