British Vanguard-class nuclear submarine nearly sank after plunging to extreme depths

A British Vanguard-class nuclear submarine carrying a crew of 140 nearly sank during an incident involving a depth gauge failure. According to the British publication The Sun, the submarine descended to an extremely dangerous depth, which could lead to catastrophic consequences.

The incident happened shortly after the submarine left its base. The depth gauge, an important instrument that monitors the submarine's dive, has stopped functioning. As a result of the failure, the submarine inadvertently sank to a depth that could have been critical to its structure and the safety of its crew.

Fortunately, the team was able to detect the problem in time and correct the submarine's position, preventing a potential crash. The incident raised serious concerns about the safety of the UK submarine fleet and the condition of the equipment on board.

The British Navy has not yet provided official comments on the incident, however, according to The Sun's source, a thorough investigation into the incident is underway.


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