British carrier strike group lost a naval training battle to six ships

Royal patrol boats "attacked" the carrier strike group.

According to a UK Defense Journal article, the HMS Puncher, HMS Biter, HMS Express, HMS Charger, HMS Archer and HMS Trumpeter have practiced striking at the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and the carrier strike group it leads.

As reported by the Royal Navy: “With their unique ability to operate in ports and confined waters traditionally inaccessible to other warships, they can fulfill several functions: from protecting the UK's nuclear fleet, maritime security and protecting friendly forces to supporting NATO overseas operations.».

Simulating an attack by high-speed coastal attack ships, the Archer-class ships showed excellent maneuverability and good defense against enemy attacks.

It should be noted that the Archer-class patrol boats with a twin-shaft diesel power plant were built for service in the Royal Navy of Great Britain in the amount of 16 copies. These naval vessels are designed to patrol ports, coastal waters and rivers, and are also used as training ships.

On the other hand, experts draw attention to an important fact - an aircraft carrier strike group, consisting of a dozen warships, was unable to provide its own protection, which indicates that the British fleet is absolutely not ready for any confrontation.