British submarine rammed a friendly warship

Exercises in the Atlantic Ocean ended with damage to a British submarine and a military frigate.

A British submarine rammed its own frigate due to a mistake made by the crew. The reason for this was a malfunction in the navigation systems, which does not exclude the possibility that the use of electronic warfare equipment by an unknown party could contribute to this. According to preliminary data, the British warship was seriously damaged by the sonar, while the submarine itself could also receive very serious damage to its hull.

A few weeks ago, the UK tried to blame the ramming of its military frigate on a Russian nuclear submarine, which the crew of the British frigate was looking for, however, journalists published a video from the frigate, in which you can see that it is quite obviously a British submarine.

As you can see in the presented frames from the video, the CK-34 electro-optical complex rises above the cabin of the British submarine, and, according to preliminary data, we are talking about the Trafalgar-class submarine of the Royal Navy of Great Britain.

Experts note that the reason for the ramming of the frigate could be a gross mistake by the crew of the submarine, or, which is also likely, the use of suppressive means against the systems of the submarine, however, the British Ministry of Defense decided not to make this public and shift the blame to Russia.

"Trafalgar" will do more business, apparently. The boat is not new at all, apparently something has failed.