British fighters tried to scare and attack the ships of the Black Sea Fleet

British F-35s attempted to attack ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

A few hours ago, British (originally supposed to be British and American combat aircraft - ed.) F-35s were spotted in international airspace near the territorial waters of Romania, which could practice striking Russian warships escorting British and Dutch warships from the aircraft carrier strike group. This is the first incident to date that the UK has used its F-35 fighters against the Russian fleet, even if it is simulating an attack.

According to the data provided, Russian warships were escorted by a Dutch warship, which entered the port of Odessa a few hours ago. According to sources, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy were just in the area of ​​flights of British F-35 fighters.

Apparently, there was no real threat, since Russian air defense systems were accompanied by F-35 fighters, moreover, the air defense systems in service with the warships of the Black Sea Fleet are quite enough not only to repel the attack, but also in order to successfully hit the F-35 stealth fighters.

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The British understand that in the event of their attack on Russian ships, Britain will be sunk.

The British, after their attack, began to smell like in public toilets in the cabins, after which the plane was decommissioned.

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One could, of course, pretend that they were scared)) But not in the Black Sea, not near their native shores!

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