British special forces


British commandos ask to urgently evacuate them from Yemen

The British special forces who have arrived in Yemen are asking to urgently evacuate them.

Against the backdrop of a large-scale offensive operation of the Yemeni rebels, who arrived in Yemen about a month ago, British special forces unexpectedly wanted to urgently evacuate from this country. Initially, the transfer of the British military to this country was associated with the intentions to fight against the Houthis, however, the ongoing intensive offensive of the Yemeni militias for the fourth day already forced the British military to ask for evacuation.

In the last 48 hours alone, the Yemeni rebels managed to gain control over more than a hundred square kilometers of Yemen’s territory, and after the destruction of the Saudi forces base near Marib, within the next XNUMX hours, this largest city could be besieged and captured.



At the moment, the British Ministry of Defense does not comment on the information that has appeared about the requirements of the British military to evacuate them from Yemen, however, the latter, most likely, will have to retreat to Saudi Arabia.

After the appearance of information about the flight of the British military from Yemen, mockery of the British special forces appeared on social networks. The main question remains, for what purposes the latter were generally sent to Yemen, the terrorist threat from which for the West is absent.