Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter


British fighter jet approached Russian borders from Ukraine

A British Air Force fighter staged a dangerous provocation on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

A British Air Force fighter approached the Russian border dangerously from the Ukrainian side, trying to approach Russian airspace unnoticed. According to the news agency, the British combat aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon approached from the side of the Shirokiy Lan training ground, where the Cossack Bulava 2021 exercise is being held. Given the fact that the flight was carried out at a distance from the test site, analysts believe that the incident was specifically directed against Russia.

At the moment, it is known that the combat aircraft separated from the main group (the air forces of Ukraine and the United States also took part in the exercises) and headed towards the Russian border. Nevertheless, about a hundred kilometers from the Russian border, the British Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon turned around and headed back towards the Shirokiy Lan range.

There are no official comments from the British Air Force command on this matter, however, apparently, the defense departments of Great Britain and Ukraine decided to arrange a second provocation near the Russian borders. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the Russian air defense systems took the fighter for escort, and therefore it was decided to abandon the further approach to the Russian borders.

100 km ... these are brave men, just the height of heroism! Why not 500 km?