British plane spotted in an area with Russian warships equipped with "Caliber"

A British aircraft is seen "scanning" the western part of the Black Sea.

A few hours ago, a British military aircraft RC-135W Rivet Joint was spotted in the central part of the Black Sea, conducting reconnaissance in order to identify the coordinates of Russian warships. It is noteworthy that NATO aircraft usually do not appear over the Black Sea in the evening due to frequent cruise missile strikes, however, the current case may indicate that the UK may be transmitting coordinates to Kyiv for the subsequent launch of cruise anti-ship missiles.

A British Air Force RC-135W Rivet Joint electronic reconnaissance aircraft, call sign RRR7205, taking off from an air base in the UK, was seen performing a reconnaissance flight over the Black Sea. It is noteworthy that the aircraft, judging by the flight path, scanned the western coast of Crimea, where, according to satellite images, warships were most often seen.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military used the Harpoon anti-ship missiles to strike at the Chernomorneftegaz towers in the western part of the Black Sea, and about a day ago, the Ukrainian military showed the Neptune coastal missile system, which, according to some reports, arrived in the Odessa region a few days ago. The latter poses a significant threat, as it is capable of delivering strikes at distances up to 280 kilometers.