British warship went unnoticed for a month in Russia's exclusive economic zone

A British warship was in the exclusive economic zone of Russia for a month.

The journalists managed to establish that the British military reconnaissance ship, which is also used for hydrographic work, was in the exclusively economic zone of Russia for almost a month, remaining unnoticed. The British Navy's HMS Echo (H87) was only found during a military exercise in the Barents Sea, and only after that the ship left the area of ​​the operation and headed towards Great Britain.

“The multipurpose hydrographic ship HMS Echo (H87) of the British Navy has been conducting reconnaissance in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Russia in the Barents Sea for a month. The spy ship is currently in the Lofoten Islands (Norwegian Sea), heading for its native British shores. "- сообщает Russian information resource "Reporter".

Earlier, the news agency reported that a British naval hydrographic vessel had been discovered by Russian aircraft as part of an exercise. It was also reported that a British warship could become a conditional enemy during Russian maneuvers.

How exactly the British naval vessel managed to remain unnoticed in the exclusively economic zone of Russia in the Barents Sea is unknown.

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If they know how long he has been there, then they have recorded his arrival, why is he unnoticed?

** In the exclusive economic zone, all states enjoy the freedoms of navigation and flights, the laying of submarine cables and pipelines and other uses of the sea that are legal from the point of view of international law. ** No one has prevented him from being there.

yes they saw. just gave the brits the opportunity to see the power of weapons in the exercises

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This is another fake at the moment, the Russian Navy has a search engine detection system that probes not only the waters of the seas and oceans

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If it could not be found "for a whole month", then how is it known that it is a month, and not two months or 2 weeks?
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Thor 1 do not believe, this is 1000% fake and this fake was fabricated to discredit the Navy and the Russian army

One boat was found and left. We may find out later about the rest of the ships and submarines under our noses. Or not.

Any sea off the coast of Russia, the ships of the west are always on the fly

This is not true, but they are seen when they enter the black sea, this news is fake

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... and then we ask why our nuclear submarines in the Barents, Norwegian and North Seas are walking on a "short leash" by NATO, and TU-shki are intercepted as soon as they are turned "around the corner". Careful it is necessary, gentlemen, it is thorough ...

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What were the maintenance personnel of our locators and tracking satellites doing at that time?