British military plane broke into Russian airspace

A British warplane has invaded Russian airspace.

The incident occurred during another provocative mission of the British Air Force near the Russian borders. As it became known, during the movement of the British military aircraft along the standard reconnaissance route, the latter unexpectedly deviated from it and headed straight towards the borders of Russian airspace. journalists managed to find out that the British Air Force RC-135 electronic intelligence and electronic warfare aircraft, having taken off from the territory of Great Britain, headed for the borders of the Murmansk region. Nevertheless, during reconnaissance, the British aircraft continued to go deeper towards the Russian borders, although it was not possible to reliably determine the approach of the latter to the borders of Russian airspace.

According to the ADS-B Exchange service, a violation of the borders of the Russian Federation was nevertheless recorded, while the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also confirms this fact, noting, however, that an interceptor fighter was raised into the sky from the duty forces, which subsequently pushed the foreign aircraft out of Russian airspace.

“In order to stop the violation of the State border, a MiG-31bm fighter was raised from the air defense forces on duty, which identified it as an RC-135 aircraft for electronic intelligence and electronic warfare of the British Air Force. The air target violated the state border of the Russian Federation in the area of ​​Cape Svyatoy Nos. By the actions of the crew of the MiG-31bm aircraft, the reconnaissance aircraft was forced out of the territory of the Russian Federation., - said the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Last year, a similar incident with a violation of Russian territorial waters occurred in the waters of the Black Sea, while the UK declared its readiness to repeat such actions, although at the moment London has not made any comments on this matter.


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