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The British military plane alone staged a provocation near the Russian borders

Great Britain decided to provoke at the Russian borders.

The British military aircraft Sentinel R1 staged a provocation near the Russian borders, flying up a short distance and forcing Russian air defense systems to react to their appearance. The incident occurred over the waters of the Baltic Sea, and, obviously, did not go unnoticed by the Russian military, and therefore, Russian bombers can be sent in the direction of Great Britain, which will become a symmetric measure for London’s actions.

“The British Royal Air Force’s aerial reconnaissance and striking control aircraft, Sentinel R.1, flew many hours on Friday near Russian borders in the Baltic region. This follows from the monitoring data of western aviation resources. According to them, a British intelligence officer with tail number ZJ692 and call sign RRR7303, flying from the Waddington air base in England, made a series of flights along the borders of the Kaliningrad region in the Polish airspace, over the Baltic, as well as the sky of Lithuania ”, - this is reported by Interfax.

At the moment, there are no official statements from the Russian Ministry of Defense in this regard, in connection with which, experts believe that Russian fighters did not rise to intercept the British military aircraft, however, similar actions by the UK, which has no borders with Russia, are very provocative.