British military aircraft that invaded Russian airspace could hide behind electronic warfare systems

A British military aircraft that violated the Russian border was moving through an area with GPS anomalies.

A serious incident the previous afternoon in Russian airspace, when a British warplane intruded into Russian airspace, took place under very unusual circumstances. According to a number of data, the military aircraft could be covered by Western electronic warfare equipment, as evidenced by the data of the GPS Jam service.

According to the GPS Jam service, which monitors the disrupted operation of GPS, serious anomalies in the operation of GPS have recently been observed near the border of the Murmansk region. To date, there is data on the disrupted operation of GPS only for August 13 and 14, however, the situation may indicate the fact that the British military aircraft, due to such anomalies, was able to come so close to the borders of Russia and violate Russian airspace.

In the UK, they have not yet commented on the incident that occurred during the day with a violation of Russian airspace, while the Russian side took exhaustive measures by sending a MiG-31bm fighter to intercept the British aircraft, although the Russian military had the right to fire on the intruder aircraft, since speech It's about a deliberate provocation from London.