British aircraft carrier group will be "introduced" to the Russian Su-24 in the Black Sea

Russian front-line bombers will show their capabilities to the warships of the British AUG.

In less than a week, two British Navy ships and one Dutch warship will be sent to the Black Sea to create additional tension along the Russian borders. Nevertheless, British warships will have to get acquainted with Russian military aircraft, which, obviously, will not only track NATO ships, but will also teach London a very unpleasant lesson.

As analysts, including Western analysts, note, the actions of Great Britain to send their warships from the aircraft carrier strike group to the Black Sea are clearly provocative, and this will certainly meet with a response from Russia.

“We must assume that the British fleet will be well acquainted with the capabilities of the Russian Su-27, Su-30 and Su-35 fighters, however, no less problems should be expected for the ships of the aircraft carrier strike group of the British Navy from the Russian front-line bombers, which will formally carry out tracking and escort of British warships. They can create quite a lot of problems for the crews of warships, for example, by using their electronic countermeasures to disable the navigation facilities of sister ships ", - the expert marks.

According to previously announced data, the dispatch of British warships to the Black Sea is scheduled for May 22.